From a 3'x 8' sheet of copper I cut various sizes with a sheet metal shear. With a deburring wheel on a bench grinder I sand all of the edges meticulously. For the book covers I drill the holes and make copper rings to bind the books together. I custom cut the paper and drill holes to fit the book covers. With a template, which I design and make, I use a hydraulic press to emboss the image into the sheet copper. Next, I continue to define the image using smaller tools for further detail. With a torch and glass enamel I am able to enhance the copper surface and play with colour. I then wash and polish the copper design and finish with a light coat of wax to protect the surface and enhance the sheen.

Small Book Gallery

small size 3" x 4"
 blank notebook or address book



Medium Book Gallery

medium size 4 3/4" x 6"
blank notebook, lined notebook
or address book  $42





Large Book Gallery

large size 6" x 9"
blank notebook, lined notebook
or address book  $58